Since 2001, the Consejo de Latinos Unidos (CDLU), a not-for-profit public charity, has helped provide emergency and urgent medical care and support for those individuals who are too sick or too young, and have nowhere to turn to.

These people are not healthy enough or wealthy enough to qualify for insurance or other programs. They are the middle-class and the working poor.

The CDLU has been a leader in educating, defending, and assisting the public from abuses by irresponsible businesses and inept government agencies.

CDLU's Educational Projects for 2018

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Ernesto Needed Urgent Cancer Treatment. The CDLU Provided It.

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Our Accomplishments

From saving a man's life to changing the business practices of the hospital industry, from forcing a national bank to stop an "extortion fee" to combating large pharmaceutical companies, the CDLU has an impressive track record of helping provide a voice to the working poor and middle-class.

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Our Current Projects

The CDLU is engaged in a number of projects across the country but our main object is to help those who are too poor or too sick.

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About Us

Through the CDLU's Medical Aid Program, we have helped thousands of families obtain healthcare and have saved several lives that were on the brink of death.The CDLU's public charity work has been profiled in over 400 news articles and by every major national television network.

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CBS’ 60 Minutes

The CDLU was profiled on the top-rated news program for our work fighting hospitals that were over-charging the working poor snd middle-class. We helped thousands fight back and caused industry-wide changes. This report highlights two of our victims who contacted us after they were overcharged.

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