What’s the CDLU?


The Wall Street Journal declared CDLU's successful efforts against overcharging hospitals  "a big win."

The Washington Post called the CDLU "the lead agitator" against aggressive collectors.

El Nuevo Dia praised the CDLU as "Heroes of Our Time" for CDLU's Medical Aid Program.

People Magazine highlighted how the CDLU "deployed all the hardball tactics" to help the poor.



The CDLU is a nonprofit organization and public charity, and a leading consumer advocacy group. Founded in 2001, the CDLU’s has been a leader in educating, defending, and assisting the public from abuses by irresponsible businesses and inept government agencies.

Our main mission is to help provide emergency and urgent medical care and support for those individuals who are too sick or too young, and have nowhere to turn to. These people are not healthy enough or wealthy enough to qualify for insurance or Obamacare. The CDLU has provided or arranged over $10 million in  medical aid.

The  CDLU has published ten investigative reports on hospital price gouging, pharmaceutical company abuses, religious intolerance, and police abuse. The CDLU has also investigated environmental pollution, employment abuses, and home mortgage fraud.

The investigative reports and efforts of CDLU have provoked several U.S. congressional probes including hearings by the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee and the U.S. Senate Finance Committee.

Staff of the CDLU have been interviewed by numerous leading media outlets and testified or provided documentation to several governmental bodies and agencies including the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee, the California Legislature, the Pennsylvania Civil Rights Enforcement Division, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Chicago City Council, and the Florida Legislature. 


Our Current Projects

The CDLU is engaged in a number of projects across the country but our main object is to help those who are too poor or too sick.

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Our Accomplishments

Read some of the news articles about CDLU's work and the 10 acclaimed investigative reports that spurred numerous hearings and investigations. The CDLU has an impressive track record of helping provide a voice to the working poor and middle-class.

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Our Leadership Team

The CDLU is led by two nationally recognized advocates.

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