Current Projects

Medical Aid is Our Top Priority

In the past two years, even with the passage of Obamacare, we have seen an increase of individuals here in the United States who are in need of healthcare services. We are working diligently to provide resources and support to those families impacted by bad health.

Our Medical Aid Program is on the top of our agenda.

We are also working on other projects concurrently:

  • We continue to  help families who face high hospital bills, now a very rare occurrence. All of them have had their bills reduced or forgiven.  This year we were able to negotiate a bill that originally was over $360,000 to a lump sum payment of $90,000.
  • CDLU is educating small businesses about the Deep Horizons/BP Settlement in the South. We offer to do a free analysis to see if the business qualifies. If they do, we help them find legal assistance and file a claim. To date, we have met with over 120 businesses. The average estimated claim is just under $100,000 per business that qualifies.
  • We continue to help the families that were victims of a sexual predator in Southern California. The culprit worked at a state-sanctioned facility for mentally-disabled adult children. We shut down the facility, but are still dealing with the families' trauma and are attempting to settle the matter .
  • We have been investigating and assisting victims of consumer product fraud in California. This includes a series of products that were sold as "all natural" but weren't.
  • In 2013, we began an educational campaign about the Visa/Mastercard Settlement for small business owners. We continue to help people learn about the settlement.