Investigative Reports


CDLU's first report that received attention coast to coast about alleged hospital price-gouging in Southern California. Hospitals were charging the uninsured almost five times more than what they would accept as payment in full from an insurance company.

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In 2002 after the Donovan Jackson beating in Los Angeles, the CDLU collected testimonials from across Southern California. We found concerns in the the City of Fontana and helped bring needed changes to that local police department including an entire police policy review, an educational campaign through the mail, and a community meeting with the police chief.

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Over a year in interviewing victims across the country, the CDLU released its first national report on hospital price gouging that focused on four distinct markets: Oklahoma City, Orlando, Denver, and Chicago. This report caught the interest of U.S. Congressional Investigators leading to three different investigations.

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In 2003, the CDLU embarked on a month-long investigation in Ft. Myers, Florida were a quasi-government health system known as Lee Memorial was overcharging uninsured patients. The following year, the Florida Legislature held hearings across the state to hear witness testimonials that included hospital price gouging and collection abuses, spurred in part by the CDLU.

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This report on overcharging by hospitals in the Miami-Dade area was released during the Florida statewide hearings in 2004 on hospital price gouging of the uninsured and other healthcare issues. The Florida Hospital Association reacted belligerently.

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south florida



Presented on Wall Street, this report focused on the largest publicly-traded private hospital chain at the time: HCA. HCA had appeared to be tricking consumers and the public that they were helping the uninsured. Our investigation showed otherwise.

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La Muerte

After a six month investigation in Puerto Rico, the CDLU discovered that Merck, the maker of the deadly pain killer Vioxx, had spent millions promoting the drug in Spanish but not a single penny on warning the public in Spanish. The CDLU met with over 1,200 families that had loved ones who allegedly suffered heart attacks or strokes, or died because they took Vioxx.

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In 2006, the CDLU followed up on its 2005 report on the pain medication Vioxx. Our new report, Rapido, focused on victims who had heart attacks, strokes, or died in a shorter period of time than Merck had originally claimed was possible. Merck, the maker of the deadly pain reliever Vioxx, had internal studies showing the drug could cause these ailments in a shorter period of time than previous acknowledged.

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Unholy Alliance

Distributed at the 2005 meeting of United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, D.C., this report outlines the staggering profits the top 7 Catholic hospital systems were making ($2 billion a year), and highlighted the over $20 billion these same systems had invested on Wall Street all the while overcharging uninsured patients..

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In 2006, the CDLU successfully investigated a bogus religious operation in Florida that was a front for high-priced tourism to the repressive Castro regime in Cuba. Working with the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control, we were able to shut down this illegal operation.

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