Our Accomplishments

“A Big Win”

That's what The Wall Street Journal said of our efforts when we successfully caused the nation's second largest for-profit hospital chain to stop over-charging the uninsured. Three years later, the American Hospital Association raised the white flag and threw in the towel— acknowledging the unfairness. We had won and changed an industry.

We helped over 20,000 families fight their outrageously high hospital bills by providing the correct tools and holding workshops coast-to-coast.

Besides hospital price-gouging, our accomplishments since 2001 include:

  • Helping thousand of families get free medical services including over 2,000 free physicals. We have paid or secured over $10 million in medical services.
  • Saving at least three lives of individuals who were diagnosed with deadly cancer but survived because of our help.
  • Meeting with and securing free legal help in Puerto Rico for over 1,200 families whose loved ones suffered a stroke, heart attack, or death due to a dangerous pharmaceutical called Vioxx.
  • Closing down an illegal tourism operation to Cuba masquerading as a religious organization with help from the Office of Foreign Assets Control.
  • Forcing Citibank to reverse a decision that would have forced the working poor to pay an "extortion fee" to keep their bank accounts open.
  • Shutting down a state-sanctioned facility in California that let a sexual predator molest mentally disabled adult children.
  • Forcing the City of Fontana Police Department to review all their police policies, and have all 170 police officers receive training from the CDLU after we uncovered police abuse, retaliation, and excessive force.
  • Providing emergency surgery for a woman who had a bullet lodged in her eye while standing outside watching fireworks on New Year's Eve.
  • Protesting and eventually preventing a mobile company from erecting a third cell tower in a working poor neighborhood.
  • Collecting cases of mortgage fraud that eventually led to the prosecution of the largest home mortgage companies and banks in the United States.
  • Investigating cases of immigrant dumping on the international border by unscrupulous businesses.

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Our Investigative Reports

Beginning in 2001, the CDLU has published several investigative reports that spurred three U.S. Congressional investigations and numerous state and local hearings.

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Our News Archives

Over 400 news articles have been published about the CDLU.

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