Creating Hope

And Giving A Voice To Those In Need

We Secure Life-Saving Medical Treatments

Since 2001, our charitable Medical Aid Program has been helping to provide emergency and life-saving medical care for children and adults who have been turned away by hospitals and even governments.

After 20-year-old Jose Chua Lopez was twice denied entry into the United States for an urgently needed heart and liver transplant, CDLU’s executive director K.B. Forbes successfully fought to secure a Humanitarian Visa and bring Jose to the prestigious Mayo Clinic.

  • At least 100 uninsured patients in Birmingham will receive free medical exams because of the CDLU's "Gift of Health" program launched on November 1st.

  • CDLU leadership meets with U.S. Department of Justice officials in the fight against corruption.

  • Paco fights back with the help of the CDLU. Treated almost like an indentured servant, when Paco quit, his ex-boss allegedly terrorized Paco and his family even breaking into his home with the police behind him.

  • CDLU allocated over $4,000 to help Lindsey with a genetic dental problem. All her crumbling teeth and roots were replaced with implants and dentures.


We Fight For the Unprotected

Our primary mission is helping to provide urgent and life-saving medical care for those in need with nowhere else to turn. But we don’t stop there.

Investigating The Corrupt

The CDLU’s investigative reports have prompted U.S. congressional probes, including hearings by the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee and the U.S. Senate Finance Committee.

Helping the Disadvantaged

We have secured free legal help for more than 1,200 families, forced Citibank to rescind its “extortion fee” on the working poor, and documented cases of mortgage fraud leading to the prosecution of the largest home mortgage companies and banks in the United States.

Protecting the Vulnerable

CDLU’s efforts were instrumental in shutting down a state-sanctioned facility in California that allowed a sexual predator to abuse mentally disabled adult children.

We Are Impatient Optimists

When we look around we see overwhelming suffering and injustice. The problems seem so big that some are tempted to give up or look the other way. After all, what can one person do?   We say, “One person can change a life. And a community of people can change the world.” And there’s no better time to change the world than right now.